Who we are

  • Cycling team founded in 1999. In first years focused on Amateurs participating in races in Belgium and abroad
  • Youth team since 2008, grew from 10 to 125 youth riders in 2018

What you need to know about us

  • Focus on development of youth riders
  • Own education program for U15 riders in collaboration with Flemish Cycling school (VWS) and Flemish Cycling Federation (WBV)
  • High number of educated trainers & collaborators
  • Organizer of some races every year
  • District and national champions within the team over the last years; both on road, track, cyclocross and mountain-bike


  • U15: races in Belgium, championships, mini Paris-Roubaix, Kids Tour Berlin
  • U17: Belgian Cup, Prins der Nieuwelingen, Tour de la Basse-Meuse, West-Vlaanderen Cycling Tour, …
  • U19: Belgian Cup, 3-days Aubel-Thimister-La Gleize, Ster der Vlaamse Ardennen (2 days), …

Website:    www.rudycocyclingteam.com

Facebook: Rudyco Cycling team