How we translate strategy into operational plans

In order to make the project a success, participants have worked out an approach for efficient collaboration.
This approach contains different steps:

Race or training camp:

  • Search for interested profiles (desk research) and meet with potential participating clubs to explain concept and measure motivation.
  • Gather data on each club and on all riders and collaborators that could participate. Hence an efficient way of subscribing can be organised as this is not easy with lots of parties involved.
  • Each club screens interesting races per category. Based on the final calendars, a selection of races with ITD Team is determined.
  • Per race a responsible is appointed (from country of race by preference). This person makes sure all communication with the organiser is perfect. The participating clubs make sure the national obligations are being met (permissions,…). In order to do this, a checklist has been made. This checklist also contains logistics, clothing, material, personnel, financial… aspects.

Race (or training camp) on site:

  • Prepare roadbook with all details (hotel, detailed schedules, race circuit, rules, briefing, debriefing…).
  • On site organisation
  • Debriefing after the race and listing of points for further improvement.


  • Development of the collaboration by sharing ideas, best practices, innovation, budget control, …

The success of implementation of the project will depend on the motivation of passionated volunteers within the clubs, a strict discipline in execution and the ability to keep an innovation-oriented mindset within the project responsibles.

We are determined to make this happen !