Strategy – How we will materialize our vision

After a thorough analysis of our resources, needs and aspirations, the setup of a network from like-minded youth clubs in various countries is chosen as the strategy to realise our ambitions.

For practical and logistical reasons, following criteria have been defined to find sustainable partners:


shared vision: development of youth talent in cycling is key. All clubs involved have a state-of-the-art youth education program, as from initiation for very young riders up to talent development for the U17, U19 and potentially U23 categories.

vision beyond results: the entire development of the rider/human is important. Next to sportive development, acquiring skills (languages, social integration) is also a key value of the program.


Geography: look for clubs in surrounding countries, with a distance by preference not beyond 500km from one to another club. Earlier experience learned that for clubs who are too far away, it is difficult to realise real links. Also costs go up very quickly as travel from one club area to another one within one day is not possible anymore.


The partners are prepared to contribute resources in form of staff, riders and financing of part of the costs (eg hotel, food…) where this would be needed.


The partners actively participate to the partnership by proposing interesting races, making proposals on initiatives (eg camp, meet sessions, training knowledge exchange…)

In order to list the intentions, all partners signed a ‘charter’ to officially confirm the project intentions.


The partners that will be part of this ITD Team project are:

  •     AVIA-Rudyco-Janatrans Cycling Team, Belgium
  •     AR & TV De Adelaar, The Netherlands
  •     Club Cycliste Villeneuve Saint Germain Soissons Aisne, France
  •     UC Dippach Cycling Team, Luxemburg

This strategy allows youth riders to gain international experience in races, as a development step in their career (performance development). The riders also have a bigger choice of options, and choose only those who perfectly fit profile and program. On top of this, they will have a unique cultural experience, by exchanging cycling passion with other riders and get to know new people in an international context (personal development).

For the involved clubs, the position is unique and the collaboration platform can be considered as a team asset, in order to retain or attract promising youth riders. The project is also an efficient way of organising international race participation in terms of logistics and cost. Finally, it is a flexible way of participating to youth races with only riders fit for selected races.

Also collaborators and trainers of the club can gain experience by exchanging best practices, experience and by providing high quality support by joining forces.

And last but not least: race organisers will have a qualitative and international team at the start of their race.