Vision – How we see the future and which role we want to play in it

The project vision is related to some observations one of the founding clubs of this project made during last years. In order to maximize talent development, there is a growing interest of young riders to participate to international races. But this is not always easy to realise.

How to be aware of foreign organisations, how to contact them, how to organize, how to get the right selection of riders, how to overcome logistic and financial barriers? Lots of obstacles to be taken before this can be realized. On top of these issues,  this kind of organisation does not also allow to have closer contacts with other clubs, riders, collaborators and trainers, which is really a missed opportunity. That’s why we come up with the initiative of a flexible international network among youth teams.


Let’s explain what is our vision behind this initiative.

Within the ITD Team, we believe in an interconnected world, across borders, across cultures, across languages… also in a sports environment. We believe sports is a key facilitator to make people meet and build sustainable connection between people, clubs, knowledge and ideas. Having a passion in common, is a great and unique common ground.

With this initiative we want to tear down barriers and facilitate collaboration with other clubs, riders, collaborators and trainers in neighbouring countries. We want to be a pioneer in making this happen.  The added value not only lies in more possibilities for the teams and riders, but also for the personal development of riders on a cultural and educational level. Learning languages, understanding different cultures, approaches, habits. In terms of knowledge sharing, trainers and collaborators can exchange best practices. ITD Team wants to innovative and facilitate adoption of this innovation.

A key success factor for the project is a common vision of all participants on development and innovation. The development of sportive and extra-sportive talents of the riders will always be at the core of our decision-making. Feed talents with new challenges, with the aim to grow, to learn and to connect.

All participating clubs believe in initiating young sporters in a playful and fairplay environment, as from very young ages. The focus of this project is on riders as from 15 years old mainly, as they start to speak different languages well and are old enough to discover the world beyond their safe home environment. The project will also pay much attention to offer equal chances to the different riders. By offering more race opportunities tailored to the participants’ talents and by offering financial compensation to the riders, we want to make sure all talents can be unlocked.

Next to boys, the project will also focus on the development of talents in the girls categories.


Also for organisers there’s an added value in this approach, as they get international skilled riders to their race.

Excellence in execution is also a key success factor for the project. By mapping and analysing practical and logistic needs and documenting them, we want to set new standards in managing this kind of projects. We are happy to share best practices with other projects going forward, including learnings from our own project and templates that can be shared. A professional attitude is important to make such rather complex projects with many stakeholders a success.

We envision to become a network where club borders maybe fade, new partnerships are nurtured and the project is being adopted by other clubs, within and beyond cycling. The network will also allow for exchanging best practices, knowledge in order to further grow the individual clubs, riders, trainers and collaborators. We have the ambition to bring youth cycling to another, more international, level. The goal of the project is also to find a sustainable business model to finance this kind of initiatives. Today this is not possible, but we are convinced it can be in the future.


We are determined to set the example and with the needed support, we can surely make this happen. The goal is to be the leading collaboration platform for youth cycling in North-Western Europe.

Let’s connect the dots together.